MANAGER: Abbott on pulling together

The manager on getting results

United manager Greg Abbott spoke to us at the Tuesday press conference about the need for everyone to pull together as the club suffers a disappointing run of home results.

He said: "I am very confident that this situation will change for the better.

"If I wasn't confident then we'd have major problems. But, we need everybody pulling together, we don’t need the fans jumping on everyone’s back. 

"It is an obvious state of where football is at the minute. There wasn’t a home victory in League One on Saturday and sometimes you wonder why. I think it is maybe sometimes the pressure gets to the players.

"That's not saying to the fans they can’t shout what they believe is right and they can’t have their grumbles. Sometimes we need to turn it the other way round and fill them with confidence and belief and they just might just get there for you.

"We need to appeal to them to stick with us, just see us through this little tricky period and we will come out of it at the other end, I am sure we will. 

"We're buying time at the moment and getting through this sticky patch without key players, and when we get them back we think we are a really decent side. We have proved that already at times this season, so we know where we are as a group. What we need to do now is address the errors and we can move on from there."

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