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REACTION: Up to us to sort it

11 December 2012

Livesey on the Blades game

Defender Danny Livesey bagged the goal which almost brought United right back into the game on Saturday afternoon but it wasn’t quite enough as another late strike handed the points to the high-flying Blades.

“We’re all just very disappointed really,” he said. “We conceded two incredibly soft goals in the first half but we got back into it and it looked like there might be something there. The third goal obviously killed it for us and that made the defeat worse. 

“It’s almost like it’s a script at the moment. We start the game and play quite well, then we put ourselves on the back foot by conceding soft goals. That’s really disappointing for us as defenders.

“It seems that we have to work so hard to get our goals but other teams are getting them from hopeful balls into the box or from errors that we make.”

“Their second goal was a joke if we’re being honest,” he added. “We should stop the free kick, we should keep hold of the ball and then we should stop them from almost walking into our area. It just isn’t good enough.”

“It’s rapidly becoming a blame game because we know that people can’t keep making the same mistakes,” he admitted. “Apologising for mistakes isn’t enough any more. The problem we have is that it’s someone different every week and I include myself in that. We’ve all got to start doing our jobs, it really is as simple as that.” 

“We all care about this football club and we care about the way things are going at the moment,” he told us. “There is only so long we can keep saying that it’ll be right next week. It gets to the point where you have to start digging people out a bit. 

“I totally agree with the grumbles from the fans. People aren’t coming – but why would they when we’re getting beaten like this every week? It’s up to us to get them back and to keep them here. I can only speak for myself and say that there isn’t any added nervousness when we play at home. I go out there to play my game wherever we are but it must look to others that there is something wrong here.”

“I always enjoy scoring but the goal means nothing when it’s a result like this one,” he admitted. “I’d rather have a clean sheet – and yes, that is on my Christmas list. All we can do now is keep working hard and produce more of the stuff we did in the second half. If we play with that intensity for 90 minutes then we’ll be getting there again. 

“The next month is a massive period for us because it’s going to determine where our season will go. Until we get points on the board we have to say that we’re in a battle. We didn’t want this but when you lose players and have a bad run like this you are where you are before you know it. It’s up to us to sort it out.”

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