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BLUES LOTTO: Daily winners

Posted: Sat 25 Feb 2017
Author: Hall / Nixon
Blues Lotto daily winners

Blues Lotto daily winners

Image by: BL

Are you one of our lucky winners?

Keep an eye on your official website for details of our £100 daily draw winners throughout this season.

Our winner for Saturday 25 February is Dave Hodgson from Carlisle (member number 2606).

Our winner for Sunday 26 February is Mr A Kelly from Penrith (member number 22750).

Our winner for Monday 27 February is Mr B Henderson from Wigton (member number 22014).

Our winner for Tuesday 28 February is Sandra Armstrong from Carlisle (member number 5783).

Our winner for Wednesday 1 March is BT Bell from Carlisle (member number 323).

Our winner for Thursday 2 March is Mr Hall from Brampton (member number 3381).

Our winner for Friday 3 March is Arthur Graham from Carlisle (member number 1199).

£1000 Bonus Draw Winner - Mr DJ Newlands from Kilmarnock (member number 364).

A full list of Lotto, Premier and Golden Gamble winners is available at

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