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BLUES LOTTO: Daily winners

Posted: Fri 13 Jan 2017
Author: Hall / Nixon
Blues Lotto daily winners

Blues Lotto daily winners

Image by: BL

Are you one of our lucky winners?

Keep an eye on your official website for details of our £100 daily draw winners throughout this season.

Our winner for Saturday 14 January is Grant Brown from Carlisle (member number 22096).

Our winner for Sunday 15 January is Gary Wilson from Carlisle (member number 5854).

Our winner for Monday 16 January is John Hedley from Carlisle (member number 23027).

Our winner for Tuesday 17 January is John James from Melmerby (member number 695).

Our winner for Wednesday 18 January is Paul Lace from Beckermet (member number 22537).

Our winner for Thursday 19 January is Mrs C Kirkpatrick from Carlisle (member number 22549).

Our winner for Friday 20 January is Gordon Ashurst from Carlisle (member number 3085).

A full list of Lotto, Premier and Golden Gamble winners is available at

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